Introduction to Abundant Glass

Welcome to Abundant Glass.  I plan to use this site to showcase my stained glass work and discuss my experiments with making new items.

Over the last few months I have been making glass jewellery or trinket boxes.  Here are a few.

Sea green glass chest of drawers

Sea green glass chest of drawers

This chest of drawers took many attempts to get the size of the drawers right.  It is made of a lovely light sea green glass, soldered and a black patina is added. The drawers have mirrors at the bottom and the sides are made of clear glass to maximise the light coming through. It measures aprox 2″ deep, 3″ wide and 4″ tall.Blue triangular box  

Blue triangular box

Blue triangular box

This little blue triangular box would be perfect for small jewellery items.  It has a mirror base to reflect the light and I have inserted a second piece of glass under the lid to ensure it stays in place.  The design on the lid is a flower with  a glass ball in the middle to use as a handle.  It measures 1.5″ at the base and 2.5″ at the top and 2.5″ tall.

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