Recycled glass trees!

I have been experimenting with smashing up glass bottles and fusing the results.  There is a mosaic project on its way – more about that soon but over the last few days I have been creating trees!  I have had this image in my head for some time of a row of trees made from glass.  I was hoping by smashing the bottles I would be able to retain some of the curves in the glass and thus add texture to the trees.   I layered the smashed glass in the kiln in to a tree shape and tacked fused.  A further tack fuse to join them together and then a slump onto a wave mould.  They are very delicate to touch and I’m not sure how long they would last.  I have some more on the way using bigger pieces of glass which should be more robust but I like the detail in these created by using so many small pieces.  More experimentation needed I think.

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