I’ve gone all soft and geeky for Valentine’s Day!

QR Valentine's cardThis year I’ve combined my passion for technology with my sentimental side to create some original Valentine’s cards and “pebbles”.  I have created glass QR codes (bar codes which can be read by smart phones) with secret messages for your loved one hidden within.  Like all my glass pebbles, these QR ones are very tactile and a great way to carry a little bit of love around with you.  The messages hidden within the pebbles read one of the following:

“I love you”
“You’re gorgeous”
“Be mine”
“I’m so happy and it’s all your fault”
“You make me smile”
“Loveable geek”
“Marry me”
“Kiss me”

They can also be customised on request.

To buy, please visit my shop.

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