Draw my Town…. or building, event, landscape…

Draw my town is about capturing the very best of your local environment. It’s about showcasing your urban and rural landscapes, heritage, green spaces, sports venues
and architecture. Most importantly it’s about celebrating the connections between these environments and the communities that make your town extraordinary.

Draw my town offers a range of affordable packages from commissioning a single illustration, which can be used for non-commercial marketing materials/activities, to a bespoke portfolio of images that can be used for money making purposes on commercial products and merchandise.

Draw my town centres around contemporary illustration to offer a unique view of your environment that can be enjoyed and utilised by local residents, tourists, businesses and governing bodies. The scheme has its roots in the creative sector, documenting the places that are important to us, but importantly at a time when money is short this project offers excellent commercial money making opportunities.

If you are interested in discussing Draw my Town and the options available to you further please get in touch jane@abundantglass.co.uk