I’ve cracked it!

It’s always a bit nerve wracking coming back from a course and attempting to implement what you’ve learnt. Often I’m disappointed that I can’t achieve the effects I practiced whilst under the watchful eye of a tutor. However, thanks to the excellent tutoring of Bob Leatherbarrow I’m delighted to have been able to successfully ‘crackle’ at home. Here are pictures of my first piece.

Joining the dots

Tack fused and slumped dishI have been experimenting with a new technique I picked up on the Warmglass Foundation Course last month – creating ‘dots’.  Dots are created by placing two or small squares

Sun catcher

(or fragments) of glass on top of each other, preferably at different angles, and full fusing.  They can then be used in other fusing projects like the dishes and suncatcher shown here.  Good eh!

Tack fused candle holderFull fused and slumped dish